The Importance of a Reputable LinkedIn Presence For Engineers and Their Company

Can you imagine being in a room with 830 million people? It’s impossible, but this is the number you should have in the back of your mind when you’re considering establishing an active LinkedIn presence. LinkedIn is well-known as a big social media platform for professionals, and the title isn’t there without reason. 

With millions of people generating leads, increasing their brand’s awareness, and prospecting thousands and millions of potential clients, partners, mentors, employees, and even services, LinkedIn stays the top must-have social media platform for engineers today. 

Around 58 million registered companies are also on LinkedIn hoping to jump on their next new opportunity. 

This year LinkedIn is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In the dynamic universe of social media, this longevity speaks volumes for the reliability and importance of LinkedIn social media. 

Here are some important statistics you have to know about LinkedIn:

  • According to Pew Research Center, 50% of LinkedIn users are adults with a bachelor’s or advanced degree;
  • 44% of LinkedIn users have a yearly income of $75,000, which is higher than the average annual income. 
  • Millennials make up over 59% of LinkedIn users.

If I ask you a question about which social media is better for generating leads: Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, what would be your answer? Don’t bother thinking, the latest research done by Hubspot indicates that LinkedIn is 227% more effective at generating leads than other social media. Sounds impressive, right?

Source: HubSpot

B2B marketers report that 80% of their leads come from…*drum roll*… LinkedIn! This impressive number should be considered by engineering companies, as the prevailing business model is B2B.

According to the statistics provided by LinkedIn, they have: 

  • 61 million senior-level influencers
  • 40 million decision makers
  • 10.7 million opinion leaders
  • 6.8 million C-level execs
  • 3 million MBA graduates

These users come to LinkedIn for:

  • Industry news
  • Expert advice
  • Career training
  • Peer insights and recommendations
  • Content published by LinkedIn’s 500+ Influencers

These numbers prove that we shouldn’t underestimate the value and influence LinkedIn has. 

With everything said above, it won’t be shocking news to hear that engineers prefer LinkedIn above all other social media:

Source: IEEE Engineering360

However, do engineers use this social media potential at its fullest? That’s a good question, and I’ll have to admit that the answer is… Not always. 

Most users use LinkedIn just to read news or articles about the industry, however, they DO NOT use it to promote their company or generate leads. 

70% of engineers do not post information or news about their company online. 

Yes, that’s me stressing out on engineers that are expecting leads from a dying LinkedIn account.

Okay, last but not least… A LinkedIn account with no active presence is USELESS. It’s like standing in a room full of prospects and simply sleeping in the middle of the room.

Here’s how can you expand your network, strengthen your brand, and stand out on LinkedIn.

  • Be active: reconnect with your schoolmates, university friends, co-workers, etc. Write messages, comments, likes, and shares. Make sure you are visible on LinkedIn. You can also request endorsement and recommendations from your colleagues, which will improve and optimise your profile. 
  • Expand your network by connecting with people and companies that might be beneficial for your business or career.
  • Don’t avoid professional groups! They can help to find useful links and information as well as expand your network and generate leads.
  • Write posts, keep your profile active and gain followers!
  • Create your company’s page as well! Maintaining your company’s page can generate a lot of profile views and increase the engagement rate.

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