Omnichannel Marketing For IT Companies

An omnichannel marketing is not a simple marketing strategy. Especially for an IT company. It’s a method created to provide a seamless experience for a targeted demographic across various channels based on a customer’s journey. It may go from a point-of-sale system up to a text message blast or a social media post. Omnimarketing channels cover online and offline platforms such as billboards, magazines, radios, podcasts, offline events, even paid advertisements and many more.

As an IT company, depending on your product/service, you’ll have a good overview of where your clients come from, how they converted, and what their average and general customer journey is. These data will be a great leverage for you to understand where and when you should launch your omnichannel marketing campaign. Clearly, an IT company works differently than a fashion, food, or even real estate business. It’s a whole different world, with a whole different approach! 

With the help of modern technologies, omni-channel marketing allows potential clients to enjoy a purchasing journey. It’s like a building a relationship (but a happy one.) 

Sad enough, a business is almost like dating! The way you get connected… Is with a credit card. Lol. 

Jokes aside, through omnichannel marketing, you can build a relationship with your clients through direct chat support or messengers. Communications can be done via SMS, Facebook messenger, offline store assistant or a 24/7 hotline. This is a great opportunity for you to preach about the brand message that you have! Customer relation is the perfect way to build rapport.

Omnichannel marketing unites all channels to reach your prospects. As an IT company, you wish to present your company’s brand and unique selling proposition. That’s what makes you different from your competitors. 

The first essence is definitely demand. Next in line? Trust. And to build trust, you need to build rapport. You need to show them you’re capable, and that you will attend to your prospect, providing them a perfect experience and product from start to end. It’s all about keeping things connected and making sure your prospects and clients are satisfied. 

Omnichannel marketing strategy focuses on surfacing a company’s vision and identity. This attracts the targeted audience in the most coherent and cohesive way. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘two peas in a pod?’ Well that’s because they’re the same kind! ‘It takes two to tango?’ That’s right! In this case, similar attracts! ‘Birds of the same feathers flock together.’ Your targeted audience are like ants attracted to sugar. Once you find your prime spot, lock it. You get my point. 

91% of companies that are using omnichannel marketing are experiencing greater customer retention rates compared to others. 

Despite omnichannel being an effective and important strategy for businesses, purchasing experience stay as the essence of the business. With a good offer, you have the power to either turn your customers to loyal clients or turn them away from your brand in less than eight seconds.

No matter how hard you try to boost your business, if you fail to deliver the promised quality to your client in a smooth and comprehensive way – consider it a loss.

The Core of Omnichannel Marketing 

Omnichannel marketing is based on a consumer-centric marketing concept which means that companies have to:

  • Know their targeted audience demographic;
  • Know their targeted audience’s needs and wants;
  • Know how to answer to these needs and wants;
  • Know how to create an excellent customer experience for their audience.

A consumer-centric approach allows companies to move their consumers down the sales funnel in a more efficient way. Even though it sounds fairly logical, you won’t believe how many companies are actually undermining these factors, and as a result, losing the opportunity to grow their business.

Omnichannel marketing creates a ‘mini’ universe where your brand is the star, and flexibly surrounds the customer by being seen and experiences through omnichannel integration. This increases retention, recognition, and sales conversion in all industries.

Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing

  • Imagine seeing the same brand image over and over again throughout the day, everyday in your life. –  An easily identifiable brand image will increase customer’s loyalty and attract high quality leads and prospects.  
  • Revenue! Revenue! Revenue! The biggest elephant in the omnichannel marketing’s room. Using more channels doesn’t always mean increased revenue. Spend your marketing budget wisely and choose the right platforms based on a clear analysis from a marketing expert. 
  • Demographic analysis – understand and track your audience through click through rates, traffic reports and measurements, and more analytics to get a better and deeper understanding of the buyer persona.
  • Flexibility: there is no manual as to how we utilize and implement an Omnichannel marketing strategy. Which is why it’s important to analyze the needs of your business, so to benefit you and your customers in the most efficient way with concrete data underlying.

What stands behind omni-channel marketing?

The process of implementing and running omni-channel marketing strategies consists of many different steps, however they can be generalized in several essential steps. 

  1. Data collecting and data analysis: For short term data usage, you have to focus on efficiently collecting customers’ data and create a backed-analysis.
  1. Integrating new technologies in your business: to always keep your hand in the pulse of new technologies development is a MUST. Neglecting new trends and platforms can cause you damage. Websites, blogs, social media, ets. – are essential for your business to thrive, rather than waving farewell to its future by tithing itself to obsolete tools and marketing methods. 
  1. Mapping your customers journey: Go through every single step and details of their journey to find out where they’ve been, for how long, for what purpose, and look into their experience. All of this can be done easily with the right CMS and CRM. (Without going against their privacy!)
  1. Reputation through brand vision: Develop a strong and recognizable brand vision and tagline. Get a HOOK. This is not just marketing, it’s also PR! 
  1. Testing! Checking! Fixing! Optimizing! Are you sure you thought things through? To ensure your customers have a flawless experience, you have to constantly monitor the process and respond with solutions in a timely manner. Check and recheck.

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Article inspired by hubspot, chakray, marketingevolution, moengage, and AR.

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