Marketing Strategy: PUSH & PULL

Push and Pull Marketing Strategy – Attracting and Keeping your Customer Coming Back.

Push & Pull Marketing

Push Marketing – your primary goal is to push your product to your target market using your preferred advertising style. Be it paid advertisement or a promotional strategy offering an on top item or services for free. It is commonly used on new businesses or new line of products or services to attract customers.

Samples of Push Marketing

  • Display Ads – most of the display ads nowadays can be seen as banner and display ads on social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram.
  • Billboards – putting up a billboard on a strategic location in high-traffic areas to get as many eyes on them.
  • Direct Marketing – most commonly happen in a showroom or trade show or grocery offering free trail or samples to customers.

Pull Marketing – drawing your consumer to your products or services. Your goal is to have a loyal customer by keeping them in need of your products or services. You can introduce a loyalty program to retain customers.

Samples of Pull Marketing

  • Social Media – a “how to” video done by a social media influencer is an effective way.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Optimizing your content or webpage by using effective key word to allow your webpage or content be in the top of the search pages in the internet search results.
  • Blogging – Is a powerful way of educating your target market to provide them with the knowledge they need for their decision in buying. A visual presentation is very effective to draw audiences.

Push & Pull Marketing can come hand in hand. You can push what you offer and pull to keep them patronizing your business.

An effective marketing plan is essential to any business to keep it running. It does not need to be extravagant. An informative, visual and relevant marketing strategy will always be effective to attract potential customers and keep them coming back.

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