Marketing Strategy for Engineering

According to the studies of IBISWorld, expert recommendation, feasibility research, plans, designs, technical services, and assessment and control of engineering projects are now being offered by Engineering Firms. IBISWorld notes that the industry was worth $199 billion in 2013 and is forecasted to go back to increase with the increasing demand from all sectors, including manufacturing and construction, and food industries.

Marketing Objectives 

The marketing plan starts with your objectives. You can expand with your existing clients or attract new prospects by offering new services or products. First, start with a low target. For example, an increase of 2-3% in gross sales for all existing clients and an additional of 5-10 new clients for the next 9-12 months. Marketing objectives are no rocket science. It takes time, effort, and patience. Your primary goal is to establish a good reputation in the industry, and all will fall into the right places.  

Study Target Markets 

Study your target markets. Learn their tendencies. Put time into researching the vital skills or products they need. Never sacrifice quality, for it will tarnish your reputation. Make them dependent on your services and products. 

Identify Needs and Development

Be keen on development. Always be ready to adapt. If you currently lack the product or skill requirement, you can always look for partners who offer your clients’ needs. A partnership is way better than losing a client.


Communication is essential. Websites, emails, brochures, events, and even social media are now being utilised for communicating with consumers. You can build good reputations if your offerings are communicated well with the audience. Join exhibits. Host an online Q&A event and post “How To” videos. These things will attract clients and make them feel comfortable with your company, making you their choice as their supplier. 

Final note: Marketing plays an essential role in any industry. The right marketing strategy will surely boost revenue and help your business reach its goals toward success. 

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