SWOT analysis are used at the organizational level to determine how well a business is aligned with its growth trajectories and success, but can also be used to assess the performance of a particular project, such as an advertising campaign according to the first projections.

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The four factors above are usual to all SWOT analyses. However, many groups similarly compartmentalize those factors into two subgroups: Internal and External.

Typically, Strengths and Weaknesses are taken into consideration as inner factors, in that they are the end result of decisions made under your control. An excessive negative rate, for example, could be categorized as a weakness, however enhancing an excessive negative rate is still within your control, making it an inner factor. Similarly, rising competition could be categorized as Threat in a SWOT analysis, however in view that there is almost nothing you can do about it, this makes it an outside factor. This is the reason why SWOT analysis is viewed as Internal-External Analysis.

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