Is it worth it?

Marketing Degree, is it worth it?

Marketing industry is booming but are you ready for it?

Will a diploma secure a spot for you in a digital space?

Is it worth an academic investment?

Here are some of the things you need to know before deciding on having a marketing degree.

Is it in demand?

The answer is a big YES!

We are now living in a world where advertisement is seen in every corner. Be it in a park, busy streets, websites, hi-ways even in the sky.

Your biggest advantage in the industry is that you need to be digitally inclined due to the fact that we are now in a fast phase, internet driven modern time. Work smarter, not harder.

Does it pay well?

Most company invest in marketing not because they want it, but because they NEED it. It is one of the main recipe for success. A simple product can be big or pivotal if marketed wisely. Does marketing pay well? The simple answer is, it pays, but most of the time, the amount depends on your skill, like any careers out there.

Is it Fun?

It may not be easy but it can be a very fun career. It always push your creativity and play with your crazy ideas. It may be exhausting sometimes but definitely satisfying once you see your craft being appreciated.

How to start?

Start small. Learn from experience. Marketing does not always require a degree. You don’t have to be born for it. You just need to have the desire, passion and creativity. Any good product, not properly advertised, will not secure success.

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