How To Market Sustainable Energy Companies and Sustainable Campaigns?

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Industry 4.0 is the centre of all sustainable pursuits today, especially with renewable energy. In purpose of fulfilling the 2030’s SDG’s Agenda, small to large scale companies are developing, promoting, and implementing more sustainable technologies by the year. This decade is certainly the peak. 

Society’s demand stays at a constant and consistent inclination, growing steadily year by year. 

Although the ultimate goal is to save the world and create a better future, it’s inevitable for energy companies to perceive this as the golden opportunity to generate folded profits.

While people are getting more conscious about the environment, questioning all dated and once conventional technologies on their sustainable impacts, the manufacturing industry is facing a challenge of its own. 

Out of the blues, competition arises and digitalisation instantaneously grew and escalated. So how do energy companies take this so-called ‘golden opportunity’ when everyone is riding the train?

Here are some solutions that energy companies can use to show and pop among all competitive edges. 

  1. Focus on the primary asset. 

According to various research, scientists reckon that today humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish. It’s a wonder that we’re capable of doing so much amazing things in life… When we can only focus less than 9 seconds, and a little over 8. It’s a sad truth and we need to accept it. 

Understand that your audience, whoever it may be, whether it’s direct consumer, B2C, or B2B, they only have less than 8 seconds to skim over your product information. Your HOOK is key.

And your hook, should be directed to the very main advantage and primary asset of your product or service. 

Don’t start with what you’re selling, start with the problem you’re fixing for your potential customer. 

  1. Adapt and be flexible.

People live and die, time goes by, and so does trends and momentum. Don’t expect something that worked for you 5 years ago, to work again today. That’s lame. You’ll never be able to find a fixed formula to sales and success. 

Everyday, we face different challenges with different solutions. This doesn’t make things difficult, it makes things interesting. Understand that you’ll always need fresh perspective, and if you don’t the time to learn and discover the new ‘trends’, challenges, and solutions that the world wants… Then outsource your marketing needs to the right experts. 

Focus on delivering quality and make the best out of your time. A small amount of marketing investment will return generational wealth for you, your business, and even your family.

  1.  Brag and show off. 

That’s right. People won’t know unless you show off. You may not like drama, but other people certainly does. Showcase case studies, and not in a boring way! Make great use out of various engaging videos, infographics, images, audios, and even carousels or animations. 

Remember the goldfish? Yes. You’ll need to do a lot to keep someone’s attention more than 8 seconds. So you better do it right. 

The most engaging content – has emotions. Be passionate about what you do, and have the right like-minded marketer help you to realize, idealize, and execute the ideas you have in your head. 

Whether your targeted demographic is companies, business owners, individuals or even large-scale chain companies, make sure you know who you’re looking for beforehand. 


Sustainability and environment friendly campaigns are usually manipulated for the concept of their own benefits. That how the term ‘greenwashing’ appeared. It stands for providing misleading information on how one company is “pro-green” when actually… It is not.  

Now these kinds of reputation will shatter a company. A good way to generate leads for your business is by reaching out to these companies and offering them the REAL thing. If they’re ready to spend money on the fake stuff, they’ll be willing to spend on the real goods (especially after having their reputation tarnished, it’ll need some reviving.) The key to this is – momentum. 

Have a PR and marketing company that you can trust, so they stay on top of news, challenges, trends, and market analysis.

To reduce ‘greenwashing’ chances, having a marketing strategy where a company also acquires renewable energy and solar credits will help a company’s valuation based on their accredited-claimed sustainable efforts.

Advise and encourage your prospect to increase their business reputation with direct purchase contract, PPA (power purchase agreement), or a utility sponsored programs – that will help them with pro-green PR campaigns. 

EXAMPLE: Take Starbucks as a model. They’ve launched PLENTY of green marketing  campaigns to promote sustainable core values through omni-channel marketing. And this surpassed way more traditional marketing strategies than ever before. 

  • Understand that to sell a solution, is to provide a proven system of success. 

You want a company to purchase your service or product? Give the BIG picture so they understand how VALUABLE your product is to their business. 

  • There are thousands and millions of environmentally conscious player on the market, so educate them, nurture them and just slightly, ooze off the reason of FEAR. 

What would happen if they don’t buy from you? 

  • Go viral – stay consistent. All throughout your website, social media, and printed materials – create a vision and broadcast that. 
  • Collaborate with other influencers, experts, esteemed professionals in the industry and get them to indirectly promote your brand.

Sustainability marketing is a complex procedure, as it involves not only the interests of one company or even an industry – it literally involves the entire Planet. So open your eyes, get ambitious, get going, and start implementing. 


The answer is very clear: FIVE BILLION internet users are active every day. This is over 63% of the global population. Unless you want to go knocking on doors, start your digital marketing. 

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all that other search engine is a whole different animal, and you’ll need help conquering it.

Here are 5 reason why digital marketing is beneficial for your company:

  1. More than 70% of users research companies online before purchasing. 70% out of almost 4 billion active users online. 
  2. Increased ROI through digital marketing strategies by capturing leads and sales conversion funnel is higher than referrals and in-person marketing.
  3. SEO optimization, online ads campaigns and email automation will save you TONS of time following up leads.
  4. Big data analysis and measurement – You CAN’T create solid decision-making actions without real data.
  5. Flexibility and adaptation: digital marketing is made to react fast on any changes and new trends, so you can always always adapt and stay agile. 

AR & Associates have helped IT, Engineering, Automation, and Energy companies all across Australia to generate leads, increase brand awareness, maintain reputable PR, as well as increasing sales.

We focus on helping you spend less time in marketing, and more time serving your customers. Leave the matter to the respective experts. As engineers ourselves, we understand the core values and importance of marketing through trust and reliability. 

We provide a full tailor-made solution that helps you build your company to the next level through digital and on-site marketing. With expertise in organic and paid content marketing channels and on-site event or workshop planning, we offer a full turn-key marketing solution that gives you time, space, and freedom to focus on what you do best, which is to run your business. 

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