GREENWASHING: From a Marketing Point of View

Greenwashing: a form of marketing strategy in which reusable energy are deceptively used to persuade consumer that an organization’s products, mission and policies are environmentally friendly.

One third of the organization that offers green renewable energy does not actually use renewable energy. Persuading consumer to buy their products or services, which are usually a bit pricier, for it is more pro-environment and helping reduce global warming effects.

Just like cutting trees then transforming it to coal and replacing the trees with a new one. They would say that it is off setting when actually it is not, for it will take a long time for trees to grow and only a snap of a finger to cut and burn down trees. Carbon emissions from burning should be also considered.

Though windmills are great example to produce renewable energy, blades were not disposed properly which contribute to pollution.

If you buy a legitimate renewable energy, the price is a bit higher. If you have a space where you can generate your own power or energy, you can generate power cheaper that’s why it is encouraged to generate your own energy since it is more practical and environment friendly. Today, energy generating device are more cheaper than decade ago. You can buy solar panels easily and start generating your own power.

Green energy is a broad topic with more complicated pros and cons but if done correctly from generating renewable energy to proper waste disposal, it will be beneficial not only to you, but to the rest of the world.

Marketing strategies, more often blinded by revenues, are made to persuade consumer to patronize their products and services by all means, and most of the time honesty is compromised.

Now, ice continues to melt, water rising everywhere and extreme weather condition, please remember that you don’t have to be big to make a difference.

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