Engineers, Go From CAD to Clicks And Get Your Smart Pants On

In an era where information is abundant and attention spans are fleeting, smart marketing is the cornerstone of success. For engineers, who thrive on precision and problem-solving, this paradigm shift is an opportunity to excel. Gone are the days of relentless hard selling; instead, we’re ushering in an era of insightful education. The concept is this: Smart Marketing for Smart Engineers.

Imagine a world where engineers are not bombarded with sales pitches, but instead, they find valuable, educational resources tailored to their needs. This is the essence of transitioning from CAD to clicks. By prioritising educational content, we empower engineers with knowledge that not only addresses their challenges but also fuels their curiosity and creativity.

The Engineer’s Mindset

Engineers possess a distinctive mindset that sets them apart in the world of problem-solving. They crave in-depth knowledge, thrive on precision, and are naturally inclined towards continuous learning. Understanding this mindset is pivotal in crafting content that resonates with them. Engineers are also analytical by nature. Engineers are wired to analyse, dissect, and understand intricate systems. They seek content that not only provides solutions but also dives into the underlying principles. By catering to this analytical nature, we can create educational material that truly speaks their language. 

A couple of months back I published a blog: We’re Engineers, Cut The BS and Talk Specs!

The heart of engineering beats with a passion for specifications. Engineers are driven by the desire to read numbers and make those numbers work to push boundaries, create efficiencies, and bring novel ideas to life. To capture their attention, educational content must not only address current challenges, existing specs, but also inspire future possibilities.

The Paradigm Shift Goes From CAD to Clicks

The analogy of transitioning from CAD to clicks in the context of marketing could be likened to a shift from building a solitary technical blueprint (CAD) to constructing a dynamic, interactive learning channel (clicks) that fosters knowledge-sharing and engagement.

In the CAD-centric approach, the focus is on creating precise technical designs that serve a specific purpose. It’s a one-way communication, where information flows from the designer to the product. This can be compared to a technical manual or a blueprint that guides the construction of a physical object.

On the other hand, the transition to clicks signifies a move towards a more interactive, educational engagement. Rather than simply presenting a static design, the emphasis shifts to creating content that not only informs but also educates, inspires, and engages the audience. It’s about building a platform where knowledge flows freely, where engineers AND aspiring engineers can learn, discuss, and collaborate.

This analogy highlights the evolution from a technical perspective focused solely on design and specifications (CAD) to a broader, more inclusive approach centered around knowledge-sharing and community-building (clicks). It underlines the importance of providing valuable educational content that resonates with the audience, ultimately leading to increased traffic and engagement.

The Formula

Traffic = engagement

Engagement = opportunities

Opportunities = conversion

Conversion = sales

Gone are the days for us to hard sell. 

AR and Associates: Your Educational Partner

As a professional deeply ingrained in the world of engineering, automation, and construction, I’ve made it my mission to align with the values that drive our industry. That’s why I’m excited to invite you to explore the possibility of working with a like-minded marketing and PR agency – a one-stop-shop where engineering excellence meets innovative marketing.

Here, you’ll find a treasure of insights, strategies, and resources tailored to the unique needs of the automation and engineering sector. Discover thought-provoking articles, expert guidance, and a community that celebrates the authenticity and brilliance of engineers.

Together, let’s continue the dialogue, amplify your voice, and shape the future where engineering prowess meets marketing brilliance. 

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Thanks for reading, from me & the team at AR

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