An Engineer’s Guide To Facebook, Meta, and The Infinite Future

Hi there, are you a young engineer, or… one that has witnessed Flickr, MySpace, and… Friendster go with the wind? Oh my days. 

You may be thinking. ‘Yeah… I’ve been hearing about this Meta and Metaverse circulating rumors and I have no single idea what changed since Facebook.’ 

‘I’ve been using Facebook for ages, are they deleting it?’

To your advantage, no. Facebook stays. Just in a different name, and a slightly different algorithm. 

When I say slightly, I mean plenty. 

Metaverse is a term used to describe the combination of VR (Virtual Reality) and mixed reality that are accessible by everyone through a browser or a headset. This allows people to interact in real-time and engage with others across distances in a futuristic world. In fact, you can even PURCHASE a property in the Metaverse world and live next to a celebrity… How crazy is that?! I mean yeah that’s crazy. 

But we’re not diving into Metaverse today, just Meta. 

So Meta (formerly, Facebook) is building the next evolution of digital connection. They’ve launched several products over the year such as Meta Quest and Portal. The innovation is created to shape how people connect within the metaverse itself. 

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has been around for ages and the overnight sensation of Metaverse is actually worth over 30 years of work. Meta can be a considered an intersection between AR and VR, virtual and digital assets, a mixed reality.

This may sound interesting for engineers, but it may also get you to start considering different ways to promote your engineering company or get in touch with other like-minded engineers and industry leaders. 

Stop right there. 

The Metaverse may sound too futuristic and perhaps even much like a game to you. However, Meta is actually the same as Facebook, if not, much better than how it used to be. 

With over 10 million advertisers use Meta’s personalised ad tools, the majority of Meta advertisers are small and medium-sized businesses. 

According to Meta, 200 million+ businesses uses Meta to stay present online with Meta, 140 billion+ messages are shared every day, and over 1 billion stories are broadcasted daily with Meta. 

This shows how many people and industry leaders are in Meta to iterate and solve problems. They connect with people all over the world, and most of the time, they’re open to various ways to collaborate and build relationships. 

Don’t get me started, but you can even find married couples that met trough Facebook as starters! 

SO! Engineers, I’m here to break down THE EASIEST and SIMPLEST ways to connect with like-minded people across Facebook. Sorry, I meant Meta. Yes we’ve been around for a while. 

  1. Fix your profile

If you haven’t worked on making your profile a little more approachable, let’s work on that. Being professional and present as a pro is important, but nobody wants to talk to creepy folks or overly perfect profile. We’re all just people, connecting with other people. That’s the whole point of social media. Get a clear profile picture and clarify what you do without being too detailed so people that has similar interests with you can reach out to you too!

  1. Post a good balance of personal, social, and professional life. 

Feel good about sharing what you like and don’t like to do. The cafes, beer pubs, or even restaurant you go to! Your hobbies, families, and even home office if you’d like. Whatever it may be, remember that people are always attracted to personalities, and keep a good balance between rhetorical and practical posts!  

  1. Join Professional Groups and Local Groups

Depending on the targeted audience you’d like to reach out to, do a search of groups you’d like to join and give it a go. Please, before you join groups, remember that you are in a social media platform, to socialise. Do not spam groups with questions that are irrelevant to the community and do not reach out to people directly without their permission. If you wish to do so, do it subtly. 

  1. Connect with common members of groups

Sending out connections and building a relationship with people online is NOT wrong. Instead, it’s the BEST approach to network, build connections and generate leads! Send out a quick ‘Hello! Saw that we’re in the same group. How are you doing? Would be great to chat!” 

If that was too much for you, you can even go with a ‘Hi! How are you!

Lastly, if you’re looking to generate leads DIRECTLY in shorter time spans anad focused targeting, you can try focusing on paid advertising. With only $5, you can generate plenty of leads no matter the objective. Want to learn how? Stay tuned on our Instagram and find out how to as we go over top Meta (Facebook) Advertising strategies next week!

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