Marketing adaptions during Covid

2021 marketing really has focused more on the digital scene during the pandemic. As we all get vaccinated and conquer somewhatthis virus,so that we can get businesses back open and operational again with the new norm and the economy back on track and hopefully logistics too will settle down as this is another dynamic effecting industry as a whole.

In the meantime, as certainties are still questioned and with Australia still playing catch up, we look at the top most tactics that marketers have been focusing their energy and funds on. Now for a lot of product/ service engineering companies the big fav was Tradeshows with according to just shy of 50% deem this a top ROI.

However, current times show a different story. The odd tradeshow will be precariously squeezed towards the end of this year, l can vouch for that fact, as we jump back into event planning to get one of our events; not yet cancelled just postponed in before what used to be the ‘Christmas event’ month also known as December.

However, with most events being postponed until the new norm kicks in 2022 and we truly havepushed the Covid nightmare behind us, we have been very much focused with the top 5 referred tactics presented below.

Source:, Adrian Nash, 9/8/2021

With technology advancing as it is and certainly being a hot topic for engineering with i40 and IoTand automation, cloud, remote access and all those other hot topical words and the inevitable next revolution of 5.0, marketers have turned to the digital path even more for ways to get noticed and in front of their market as the saying really is that there

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