101 Guide: PR (Public Relations) for Automation Companies 2022

Before hiring your first PR firm, or your next publicist, consider these things for your automation company. 

Table of content:

  1. What is PR?
  2. Different types of PR
  3. How much should I spend on PR?
  4. Main PR functions
  5. 4 P’s of PR (Public Relations Model) 
  6. Top 4 PR strategies for automation (engineering, manufacturing, tech, and/or industrial) companies

By the end of this blog, you’ll understand what to expect and whether or not hiring a PR agency/firm would suit your company.

  1. What is PR?

If you’ve never been involved in any PR activity, this term may confuse you. PR can stand for two things. Press Release, and Public Relations. Both of which are highly correlated and intertwined in context. 

  1. Different types of PR

There are different kinds of PR fields/departments in every industry. Simply put, PR agencies can cover 7 types of public relations:

  1. Online communication/social media presence
  2. Media Relations (publication and public media coverage and network)
  3. Crisis communications (for mid-larger scale companies) 
  4. Internal communications (interoperate and coordinates sales and fulfillment department to live up to the company’s vision and mission, as well as reputation.)
  5. Strategic communications (Provides strategic insights and action plans to create a sales-worthy angle that is according to market demand and communicates company message to the public; helps find common ground between stakeholders while maintaining company image.)
  6. Public Affairs (government relations, issue management, corporate/social responsibility, and information dissemination.)
  7. Community relations (garners a hospitable community through possible donations, charity, and supporting local causes with relevant society to keep civil and ethical relationships)
  1. How much should I spend on PR?

PR agencies can charge between $1,500 – $10,000 per month depending on any campaign objective if available and the total scope of service coverage.

The thumbnail rule for automation companies, engineering, manufacturing, and/or tech companies could be between 15-20% of your revenue to scale the company and create a long-lasting business. PR is included in that, as well as marketing campaigns and events. 

The automation industry is unlike the restaurant or tourism industry. It requires trust and reliability that can only be nurtured and built with branding and a clear public relations strategy.

  1. Main PR functions

PR companies mainly help with the followings:

  1. Media representation 

Having a media representation means you don’t have to worry about making the wrong move or decision. Your PR specialist will take care of full communication, building out a loyal relationship, as well as a beneficial commitment with publicists, editors, and other media-related professionals to get your company the coverage it deserves.

Whether it is a press release, a non-advertorial piece, or a case study with an advertorial touch for an industry magazine, your PR specialist should cover the entire process so you can focus on your business. 

The only thing you need to do is add a specialty touch of knowledge on products, services, and/or specific technical specifications where required.

  1. Social Media Management

This should be the first thing on your plate once you have the budget to outsource Marketing/PR. Educating your community and proving social presence increases lead generation and brand awareness in 2022. Request your PR/Marketing firm to overlook your social media by engaging, blogging, and creating an attractive company appearance. 

Within that scope, there should be plenty of options to generate cold/warm prospects.

  1. Network and Talk

Your PR specialist can do all the talking. Communication is their expertise. Let them do it. Allow your company to be advertised, spoken of, and discussed in associations, expos, exhibitions, trade shows, and many others. 

A good PR can help attract not only customers but also investors and collaborators. The point is not to survive, it’s to show up and be above competitors and the market.

5. 4 P’s of PR (Public Relations Model) 

The 4 P’s are common in both the marketing and PR world and are key takeaways for strategic campaigns.

  • Products (or services)
  • Price 
  • Promotion (marketing)
  • Place (distribution/location)

This ideology has been around since the 1950s and has been proven successful as the base of all PR and marketing campaigns. 

Within the marketing mix, PR helps communicate key messages to diverse society in the most effective method. With the 4 P’s, your PR specialist should curate and tailor a branding message that resonates with the targeted audience or prospect. Whether it is B2B or B2C, the 4 P’s always apply. 

6. Top 4 PR strategies for automation (engineering, manufacturing, tech, and/or industrial) companies

Now that you know everything basic you need to know about PR for automation companies, it’s time to decide the best strategy to use for your company. 

4. Be Present

Being present means being active in your community. In trade shows, exhibitions, expos, showcases, and many more. Create a real relationship with various industry leaders and professionals and improve your relationship through various channels.

Moreover, create an impression with a clear strategy by showing up and presenting on expos, and trade shows as a vendor or participant. 

These are big opportunities to network with relevant businesses.  

3.  Share A Story. 

Inspire with a relatable story. 

  • Ikea – #StayHome campaign took ‘staying home’ to the next level. 

Normally, they provide a homelike set up in their store and prevent people from taking shortcuts out of the store. That’s a real-life customer journey, but what’s more important – people ‘imagine’ themselves in each setting and enjoy that imagination. 

However, during the pandemic, they took advantage of the situation and created a heart-felt, emotions-intriguing piece to remind people on the importance of home. 

  • Lego – Rebuild the World

No words are needed. Watch the campaign for yourself below. I cracked up watching this. 

  • Logitech: BS Detection Spoof

WE love this campaign. 

Hilarious as it is, the term ‘BS’ can stand for either Business Speak or Bull Sh*t. Yes. We get that. This campaign speaks and resonated with most professionals in the industry. It’s a very clear solution – clarity and communication. And we love the blooper at the end! 

2. Share Your Knowledge

The second best way to create and build a generational PR is by sharing your knowledge. The only way to build connection, trust, and authority in the industry is by showing how knowledgeable you are in your field of industry and how that knowledge can benefit, not only yourself or your company but the world and society. 

Ways to share knowledge can be through: 

  1. Social Media reels/videos
  2. YouTube channel broadcasting
  3. Podcast
  4. Interviews
  5. Magazine/media piece
  6. Speaker on events


1. Create an approach from a client’s perspective

Edward Louis Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, is often known and sometimes referred to as the ‘father of public relations.

He was a theorist that believed and took the approach that the audience had to be carefully understood and persuaded to see things from the client’s perspective. 

Until this day, the art of human behavior doesn’t end. It remains a neverending curiosity that we continue to discover, nurture, and analyse.

This is the most important mindset and strategy. Instead of selling or explaining, solve and provide solutions.

AR & Associates have helped IT, Engineering, Automation, Manufacturing, and Energy companies all across Australia to generate leads, increase brand awareness, maintain reputable PR, as well as increase sales.

We focus on helping you spend less time in marketing and PR, and more time serving your customers. Leave the matter to the respective experts. As engineers ourselves, we understand the core values and importance of marketing through trust and reliability. 

We provide a full tailor-made solution that helps you build your company to the next level through digital and on-site marketing. With expertise in organic omnichannel marketing and on-site event or workshop planning, we offer a full turn-key marketing solution that gives you time, space, and freedom to focus on what you do best, which is to run your business. 

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